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The CEO of WhatsApp explained 

Facebook is testing a new browser that will 

make sure you never leave the app

Facebook has been reportedly testing a new in-app browser that means users don’t have to leave the app while looking at web pages.The current browser, which most of us are still using until Facebook rolls out an update, looks like this.. Read more

How Marketing With Whatsapp Can Be an Effective Way to Connect With Your Potential Customers

WhatsApp is a social messaging service for mobile devices that allows you to send text messages, images, audio and video clips to communicate with those people who are in your phone's contact list. Read more

Facebook may build an app store in case it’s booted from Google Play.

 Facebook has a contingency plan just in case Google ever decides to remove the app from Android, and it involves building its own app store and pushing it back onto Android with a whole assortment of apps.

Facebook may build an app store in case it’s booted from Google Play.. Read more

Court ruling lets employers in Europe read workers’ private WhatsApp messages
A ruling by the European Court of Human Rights states that a company can monitor the private messages of its workers on messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook. The ruling applies to a number of European countries

Read more 

Apple could be testing a technology that is 100 times as fast as Wi-Fi

Apple could be testing a technology called Li-Fi, a play-on-words of Wi-Fi, according to code found within iOS 9.1. Li-Fi was invented by Harald Haas, a researcher at the University..Read more

Netflix wasn't amused by NBC's attempt to hack its ratings 

PASADENA, Calif. — NBC's attempt to hack Netflix's ratings was, as you might imagine, not the streaming giant's favorite move. Especially, Netflix COO Ted Sarandos told reporters Sunday, because the data delivered was "remarkably inaccurate."..Read more

Using Social Media For Customer Relationship Management If you’re not already using social media for customer relationship management (CRM), now is the time to start. Research shows that users post half a billion tweets on Twitter every day. These tweets.. Read more

Facebook Releases Guide on TransfoFacebook Releases Guide on Transformational Trends and What They Mean for Marketers 

Social media and digital technologies have changed the way we connect, interact, and really, the way we live our lives overall. But that influence has evolved over time, and as such, the significance of it may not be clear - if you were to tell someone that social media has changed the world as we know it, they’d likely scoff at the suggestion. But taking a step back from the day-to-day updates – the Likes..Read more

Twitter celebrates 1.7 billion poll votes milestone with new time duration feature

To celebrate 1.7 billion votes cast using its polls feature since October, Twitter now lets you set a time duration for polls, ranging from five minutes to a week. The updated feature is available now on mobile and web versions of the… Read more

Instagram Growth And Engagement: 2015 Year In Review

Happy new 2016.

This post is one last look at the Instagram growth and engagement trends from the year 2015. We’re also releasing the data from December.

We’ve been doing Instagram studies on over 2,500 accounts since April 2015 and we've seen some interesting trends in this period.. Read more

HootSuite: Social Relationship Platform